11.3 Android

Welcome to the latest release here at WOLF – 11.3 Android.

What’s changed and what’s new? Read all about it here!

News Feed

A brand new look has been introduced for the news feed. You can now see two tabs: Live Feed and Notifications.

Live Feed

Any notification that is targeted to you directly can be found here. This includes: event reminders you have added to your list, unlocked a new achievement or if you have been gifted a Charm.


System notifications sent by WOLF will be housed here, this includes global notification to introduce a new stage, promotions or any general updates.

WOLFStars Profile

A brand new exciting edition designed specifically for the WOLFStars! 

Creating great shows doesn’t stop at the end of the event, WOLFStars can now check their stats which include: total number of shows, max listeners and total listeners.

Keep track of your performance and create great content to keep those numbers high!