Introducing WOLF Stream

Check out an awesome new feature we’ve been working on

We all know that getting to a real-world festival or event has been a huge challenge for everyone over the past year and more. From day 1, we’ve always wanted to add a twist to that special feeling you get when you’re at a festival. Today, we’ve got a little bit closer.

Everyone at The World’s Online Festival is really excited to share with you all a new and unique way of bringing the magic of real-world festivals to your digital lives–WOLF Stream!

With WOLF Stream, we’re able to transform your time on the Stage into a 3D, cinematic virtual event. It shows elements like the Stage you’re on, the audience, and can even chop and change camera angles to keep things flowing. You’ll see yourself and the audience on Stages like our WOLF main stage, beach, studio, and more, bringing your awesome shows to life!

It’s all great talking about WOLF Stream, but why not see what it can do for yourself?

This is just the beginning of WOLF Stream. In the future, we want to put the ability to directly create these clips in your hands. But we’ll have to ask you all to be patient for now. This project was the culmination of a lot of great work, and we’re committed to letting anybody at WOLF start streaming when it’s in the best possible shape.

For now, we’ll be regularly capturing fantastic events around the community, sharing them with all of you and everyone around the world. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!

Why not check out our official WOLF YouTube channel, where we’ll be uploading shows? Make sure to subscribe so you know when a new WOLF Stream is added!