Welcome to WOLF

The gates are open and the music’s pumping so let’s get the World’s Online Festival started!

Why We’re Becoming WOLF

We’ve had an amazing journey being Palringo for the past several years, but with the introduction of Stages and their Themes, we wanted to take a big next step. We’ve always championed user expression, meeting new people, and being a place where you can have an awesome time. By becoming the World’s Online Festival–WOLF–it’s our mission to create a fun, festival experience to meet new people, socialise, and have fun. It’s still the Palringo you know and love, just with a newer name that fits our mission.

What’s WOLF?

Check out this image to get the low-down!

Our mission

What we’re all about

What’s Next?

WOLF is still the place that you all know and love. We want to share all the fun and entertainment with a new audience and show off our brilliant and vibrant community. This is just the beginning–there are lots of exciting things coming your way in the future so we hope you’re all ready to join us!