WOLF 10.4 [Android+ iOS]

Share the Love Like Never Before!

We’ve expanded gifting Charms so you can show your appreciation in the moment.

Giving virtual props and recognising when someone’s said something that’s made you laugh, think, or even cry is something that’s really important not just to an online app but that festival feel as a whole. It’s a feature that we’ve been working hard on and we think you’ll love.

It used to be that gifting Charms was just between you and another person, with no way to show the world what you’ve done. Now, we’ve built a brand new gifting mechanic that you can use directly in your Groups: directly gift a message in the chat and directly gifting a user on Stage.

If someone says something that gets a laugh out of you–there’s a Charm you can gift for that. If someone’s putting on a great show on the Stage, shower them with roses, diamonds–whatever Charms we have, you can send as gift!

We’ve got a HUGE selection of Charms for you to choose from (plus a few new ones to get that festival feeling going). There’s something for every occasion so get in there and start gifting Charms! And, if you’re lucky, a scrolling banner at the top of the chat window will show who gifted what to whom.

Let’s Gift a Charm!

Message and User Gifting

You can gift someone a Charm for their Chat message and also chuck a Charm on the Stage like the adoring fan your are. Here’s how it works:

  1. Interact with a User’s Message (it can be a text, image, or voice message) OR their Avatar while they are on the Stage
  2. A menu will pop up
  3. Select the Charm you wish to gift from the Gifting section. You can choose both FREE and PAID Charms.
    1. By pressing the “+” button, you will be taken to a larger Menu where there are more Charms
    2. The initial Charms you see are currently fixed but you can view more.
  4. The Top 5 Charms gifted to that message will be displayed. The Charm will then appear under their Message
  5. A banner will scroll at the top of the Chat to say that you gifted a Charm. This may not appear in a busy Group, but you, the user, will always see Charms gifted to you. If you are NOT in the Group when gifted, you will NOT be notified.
    1. Note: Because of the volume of gifted Charms, your message may not always appear, but the User will always receive their gifted Charms.



  • The Charms under a message will only display the Top 5 most gifted Charms with the number of times it has been gifted on each.
  • Each Charm gifted, whether free or paid, will be converted into a 24 hour Charm. E.G. You are gifted a Free Heart Charm, so will then have that same Charm in your inventory for 24 hours.
  • Paid Charms WILL contribute to users’ gifted/personal count. So, if you send a paid Charm, the counter will increase by 1 for the person who was gifted and the user who sent the Charm in the respective categories.
  • Please be aware that on iOS, when Gifting a Charm in Group Chat, you will see your latest/most used Charms. These may cost Credits, so please be aware.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right!?

Gifting and Group Reputation

Another enhancement that has been introduced with 10.4 is, when you Gift a Charm to a person in a Group’s Chat/on a Group’s Stage, that Group (NOT the people in the Group) will also gain the Reputation value of the particular Charm.

So, if a Charm costs 100 Credits then the Group would earn 50 Reputation points.

Other Enhancements [Android]

  • General performance enhancements
  • You will now be able to access the Action Sheet in more places, such as the Stage
  • Universal Search has been implemented, allowing you to find Groups and Users easier via the Search bar
  • Bug fixes


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