WOLF 10.5 [iOS & Android]

Leaderboards – Android & iOS

Leaderboards are an awesome new way to see who’s the most popular, who runs the best Groups, and who’s the most generous. Maybe your Group will be featured up in lights? Maybe you’re a a real entertainer who people can’t stop showering with Charms? Maybe you’re the one giving showing users with gold Charms?

Top Groups

Much like the name says, you can see a list of the Top 100 Groups in WOLF. Top Groups are based on the Credits spent in that Group, such as Charms gifted to users in the chat and on the Stage, bots and Premium Group accounts purchased for that Group.

Most Praised

To rank up here, follow the ABC’s: Always Be Charming. This leaderboard is based on the total Credit value of Charms gifted to a user via the Stage or in Group Chat. So, if you’re someone who’s always got something funny or insightful to say, you could see yourself flying up the table.

Most Generous

This leaderboard is for recognising users who like to gift Charms to others. Make it up the ranks and let everyone know how you like to give back to the community.

Profile Uplift [iOS]

When you next check out your profile or a Group’s profile, you’ll discover we’ve given them a new lick of paint.

Gifting Enhancements [Android]

  • Gifting Summary: Tap a message for a summary of the gifted Charm a user has received; you can see which users gifted them what Charms
  • Gifting Enhancements: You can send multiple Charms gifts to users; recently sent Charms will appear in the Action Sheet; and you’ll be better able to see your Gifted Charms scrolling across the top of your Chats.

Quick Actions [iOS]

You can now perform quick actions directly from notifications in the Home screen, Lock screen for Private and Group messages.